Mississippi River walleye fishing report

Over the last few weeks I have not been sitting at the house I have been out searching for the next and best bite of the mighty Mississippi River.    I've chased walleyes and perch both, and even stock some nice saugers.    I have fished four different pools over this time period and here is the start of this report from each.

Let's start with pool 5 out of Alma.   When Tim, Nick and I went on this date. We were actually trying to hit our yearly spots for perch.   After fishing a couple hours chasing them we decided to lick our wounds and chase some walleye but they were tough too on this date.   I had one nice one topside that probably went 5 lbs but it seemed they had a little lockjaw like their counter part perchies.   We did learn a lot about the pool in this date that we will keep for the future.

Next I fished a few times with clients on pool 4 out of both the back channel and everets resort.  Both launches have been accesable all winter.  The walleye and sauger bite has been somewhat consistent all winter long on pool 4.   And it will get very good coming up here soon with the snow melting.   

I have vertical jigged, long lined and even Dubuque rigged this winter to catch the walleye and sauger on pool 4.  One other thing I did when I took a trip out the bite seemed a little tough so I made an executive decision and switched things up and just put minnows on a bare hook and three way and bingo we really smacked them on this day just anchored.   That's one thing you need to keep in mind in clean water is try to keep it as natural as possible.   

Last but not least this weekend I went down to fish pools 8 and 9 with my brother Robert, Ryan, and James.   On Friday my brother and I fished pool 8 for a couple hours we mainly vertical jigged 1/4 ounce blade baits to catch our walleyes this day.   The walleye seemed to be in depths ranging from 18-24 feet.   We then headed home and ate our catch Friday night.    Fun day with the two of us on Friday.

Now to Saturday we headed down to pool 9.   Wow what a great decision the four of us made today.  We set out amongst the many other fishermen and women on this date and we had it on our brains we were gonna go out and Dubuque rig today.   That was the great decision we absolutely pounded the walleyes today doing this technique.   It seemed the guys that had been vertical jigging today did do well too.  The water clarity on pool 9 was was about two feet less that pool 8.

 So you can imagine this makes a better daytime bite.   Now to give you the reason it was a little different is the big ole root river coming out of Minnesota side was dingier so if you can time it a couple days after the rains like we did you get the reward of a better early March bite.  The water depths most of our walleyes came from came in 20-23 foot on this date.   And wow you can really see them fish well with the Garmin units with the new 56 tranducer.   I would recommend it to anyone that is in search of new electronics.   Our best colors today seemed to be natural colors not the brighter one like sunny days.  

Enjoy your spring fishing everyone and I should be able to get more reports out here in the near future with my schedule filled up pretty much through july.   

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!! 

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