What an amazing fishery

I know it's been a while since I last put out a fishing report.  I have been extremely busy with guiding to deee hunting both Minnesota and Wisconsin deer seasons.  Fun times in both place hunting with both my family members to hunting with my buddy Nick and his boys plus Allison.     Wouldn't misss these times for anything.  The stories everyone comes back with is priceless.  

Now to the fishing report.   I have seen the bite just absolutely explode this fall once the water temperatures started to drop.    Which makes a huge change on what not only the walleye and sauger do but also all other specifies from sturgeon, crappies white bass etc..  When that bait makes its mind up to head into the river everything else will follow.


You could target walleye and sauger from the head of the lake all the way up to the dam as it moved along.   Always remember that if it's slower in one area you could move to another and reap the reward of making that executive decision.  The biggest decision is picking what technique to use.   

This fall I used the rig, jig n raps, Miller rigs, pulled three ways with floating raps, and Dubuque rigged several times to put some quality fish in the boat.   Every time we went out we fished different depths in places knowing this fish were adjusting to the temperatures.  

As we get into winter time you will notice it start to get harder to get these fish to cooperate due to lower temperatures and all the bating that they have taken this fall with the warmer temperatures outside.    That will change soon with highs in the 20's so it's good for the system.   Hopefully enough of them survived up in the river.   Keep in mind catch and release is a good thing when getting into females in the winter.   

Last week I got out twice and both times we had limits brought to the boat in a couple passes.   I noticed guys vertical jigging doing well.  Several buddies of mine pulling raps doing well and also pitching jig and plastics did good.  I did just fine on Miller rigs fishing in depths from 14-26 ft.   Plastics were my choice to put on my rigs.  

Next week I will start to ice fish and will probably get on some good bites so if anyone may be intersting in ice fishing just give me an email and if I'm on a good bite I'll surely get you out on the ice.  In the meantime everyone enjoy your time on the water or deer hunting in Iowa.  

Good luck out there guys and glad !!!!!

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