Welcome the real Minnesota weather

Before the cold front, temperatures reaching close to 70 at times hit over the last couple weeks I had the chance to get some gentlemen out to enjoy the end of the warm weather. 

Last Monday Greg, Mike and Laef met me at Everets resort for a half day afternoon trip.   We stuck to the same techniques we had been doing before I ran off to deer hunting.  The Dubuque rig was our technique to put several nice fish into the livewell.  Leaf had the hot stick today once I got him hooked up with a 5/8 ounce hair jig.  It seemed Greg and myself were keeping the little ones out of his and Mikes way. Some days a guy or lady just has that certain feel with the fishing rod and I can say it was Kead today.   Great time guys and we will see you on the water later this winter   

Wednesday Garod and Tony from Kansas  joined me in the early am.  We stuck again to the best technique working at the moment and did very well this morning.  We boated several fish today and also got to enjoy the warmer weather on the river.  I love this time of the year with the fish swimming up the river from lake Pepin in fazes it seems like the size of the fish in the system is looking real good.   Gentlemen it was a great time on the river with you today and hope what we did helps you on your water systems down south. 

Friday, calm before the storm day,  Ben, Joe and their father Kendal joined me.  These gentlemen were gonna be fishing all weekend through the cold and snow. We set out Dubuque rigging this morning and Joe had the hot hand boating several keepers within the first ten minutes today.  We then went to pulling three ways with floating raps and also miller rugs  both produced pretty nice fish.   The walleyes and saugers today seemed to be a little deeper for my boat than the previous outings.  What a birthday present you gentlemen gavecti you dad and he even got the biggest first of the day today.    Great time guys and I was glad to hear you weee able to catch fish the way I taught you in the bad weather. 

Now the the weather has cooled I would like to tell everyone drain your trailer when launching and also make sure you drain your motor afterwords to prevent and problems. 

Good luck out there guys and gals. !!!!!!

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