Weekly fishing report

Over the last ten days the river again has  been jumping up and down throwing off what bite was yesterday to today.  

Last week with the changes I did same as week before and chased both walleyes and crappies and other pan fish. Both fishing the river and Lake Pepin  

While chasing crappies we have been concentrating on pitching lite jigs from 1/8 th all the way down to 1/32    Each area had its pros and cons to what size you would use from there being windy conditions to current areas    Biggest thing was to make sure you had contact with your presentation at all times  Plastics and buck tail hair jigs both worked and each had there hot periods    While fishing for the crappies every once in a while you stab into some bonus walleyes  fun fun times fishing for crappies this time of the year they can really keep you on your toes with their quick response to spit your bait out of there mouths so fast   

Monday I had the pleasure of taking Nick and his uncle Mike out for some walleyes fishing   We worked several areas today scratching out 11 keeper walleyes and throwing back several smaller fish too   We trolled for some of our fish with Jsr 5 rapalas and also dragged jigs with crawlers    Our depths were were working went from 2 to 9 ft today   Great time gentlemen and I look forward to next year  

I would like to end this report with a warning to all fishermen that fish the river system    With the way the river has jumped around this summer I have seen several new dead heads in areas they have never been  be extremely careful with driving around out there I don't want to hear about accidents that happened     

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!!!


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