Water temps are starting to heat up

With the title of this report I want to make sure yall know that the bite is good in some areas and pretty darn slow in others.  Things will pick up soon on other pools as the water temperature and the later into this month comes around.  Each day can be different no matter where you fish on the river 

Friday I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with John and Steve.  We set out to fish a different pool today with the bite being so slow on pool 4.   Great choice on changing it up we had a very good bite at times today even with the weather changes as we went through the day.  The snow at times came down so hard at times we could not see the shoreline, but the fish kept biting so it was worth the hassle. Thanks for joining me guys and I'm glad you really enjoyed using that limit creek 5'10 rod john I believe you will love it in the future   

Sunday was a little slower for Dan and Drew.  Now I can say they were several differences today from the sun being out to all the boat pressure on the river with the incredible weather conditions we were having on Sunday.  We did manage some decent walleye and saugers today just not the same bite as Friday.  Thanks guys it was good to take you out and teach you a little bit about the river. Good luck in your future outings.  

The water temperature in the areas we have been fishing has ranged from 35 to 37 degrees as of late. The clarity is very good and there are plenty of fish I am seeing on the locator.  Biggest thing is to have patients and they will eventually bite. Depths I have been fishing has been from 12 to 17 foot.  Ring worms on 1/2 jig heads had been my best presentation. 

Goid luck out there guys and gals!!!!

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