Water levels dropping and the the clarity is very nice

I spent this week checking several areas from lock and dan number 3 to lake pepin.  What I did was drive through areas looking for marks on my lowrance hook 9.   If I seen marks in an area.  I then would turn around and try different techniques to try and get these Walleye's and saugers to cooperate  

  Does is work every time?  No!   However if you continue to do this you will find pods of Walleye's and saugers that will cooperate.  By doing this it will make you really think of different things to do on the water    I noticed most of the Walleye's and saugers I marked were in water depths of 12-21 foot    Does this mean all the fish are this deep?  Again No   It's just where I marked the most at times  

On Monday I had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with Jim, Richard and officer Don   These boys where a hoot to fish with today   Its always fun to watch guys rib each other as the day goes on  I always tell my clients we are not only fishing we are out there to enjoy the day on the river   

Both Jim and Don caught doubles today,  Dons came in Dubuque rigging and Jims came Pulling three ways with floating raps   It's always great to see my clients smile when they are on the rmissussippi river with me walleye fishing   Now with that being said let's not keep young Richard out of this report    Richard has fished with me a few times over the years and never had a ton of luck but this week he redeemed himself catching the most fish in the boat   That right there shows persiatNce pays off    Way to go young man and I look forward to take you gentlemen out again here in the near future 

Tuesday I took my cousin out for his first trip on pool 4    Jake it was a blast watching you catch all the fish today and I am glad you made the trip up from Soring  Grove     Looking forward to our trip next week   Maybe I can reel a few in too   

Water level is 5.3 ft    Clarity for my boat is 1 1/3 foot and the water temperature is 39 degrees     Looking at the future forecast things should steady out and the water temperature should start to rise   In betting there will be several reports up and down the mighty Mississippi River of Giant Walleye's being caught from pool 2 to pool 16.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!! 


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