Water is rising a little early this year

Over the last week I have been watching the river rise slowly to now it's jacked up with the recent rains we have gotten.  

I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Matt and his father Larry.  Matts  main focus was to come out and learn the inns and outs of the river this time of the year.  First off is safety on the river, knowing where the wing dams  are  is beneficial to your pocket book.   When the water level is close or at normal you will take out your lower unit if you motor across one of these in a high spot.  Second is the logs out there.  That my friends changes after every high water condition on the river. 

Now to the fishing.  Matt and Larry boated several fish today we dragged jigs in a few areas today and even pitched plastics in a couple areas. The dragging bite seemed to be the hotter ticket for us. The boys took several Walleye's and saugers home for the skillet.  I'm glad you guys enjoyed your time one the water with me today and look forward to our trip later in march.  

Next I had Scott and a young gentlemen he had taken under his wing named Brad.   They again wanted to learn about the system and we ran around fishing several areas and learning where to go on the river with your vessel.  We the set up in a couple areas and after a few adjustments started putting some fish into the boat. Scott seemed to have the hot hand today but Brad brought in the big one of the day a very nice 24 1/4 inches. Great time gentlemen I look forward to hearing from you on how your fishing went on the river. 

Since last Wednesday the river has come up 5 foot    Yes I said up 5 foot that is unheard of for February    However you can still catch fish out there you just need to adjust to the conditions    Lots of logs floating down the river today which can make a bad day for someone so be very careful   

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!

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