Walleye and saugers report plus my deer hunt

Let me just say even though theriver had been very high most of the fall so far the bite has been pretty darn good for my boat.  

We have been getting most of our walleyes and saugers by putting minnows right at the bottom and letting the fish find them.  Patients is all you needed and you would b able to put some dinner in the table 

I had Charlie and Tom on our annual fishing trip this fall on Wednesday afternoon and after a few hours in the water we dialed some fish in for the boys for there rest of the week of fishing and staying at the cabins at Everets resort. Great time as always gentlemen and I look forward to hearing how you two ended up fairing for the week. 

Friday Kevin and Kyle joined me and we started the day out fishing for walleyes and saugers and the boys were having a good time catching their limit today and then we switched to catching crappies ahhh it was nice to see they finally moved into the fall holding areas. Kevin caught the biggest crappie today measuring out at 14 1/2 inches what a great time guys and great to meet you Kyle, Kevin will have to bring you more often.

Now for my Deer hunting week.  After spending many hours in the woods with the kids on the weekend I got to sit on my own, well on Tuesday it was my day to bag my dandy 8 pointer.  

My brother Robert was sitting in his blind across the green field from me this morning.  After seeing several deer in the dark and hearing a little chasing today I hear a shot go off from his direction so I look towards the area it came from and then started hearing lots of grunting, snort wheezing and even a growl noise then bam bam two more shots , now my heart starts racing and I see a doe darting across the green pasture right towards me.    I have my bead on hr and keep hearing a buck just going crazy with his grunts so I take a quick glance where she came from  and thinking in my head Robert only shoots at wall mounters,  Well just then hear he comes right in the same path she came up I'm thinking in my head at this moment please stop when you step into the woods and wow it worked.   He looked back towards the patch he came out of and that's when I let the cannon go off and right to the ground he went.  

I hear Robert yelling to me (Did you get him?) I responded very quickly big buck down !!!!     Between the two of us each year we love the times we get to spend together while hunting and fishing   This is our number one thing our dad taught us, family is everything. Great time Robert with you this season and look forward to many more.   

Good luck out there guys and Gals !!!!

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