Walleye and sauger report on the big river

Over the last week I have had several trips on the mighty Mississippi River.  Most of them I have launched out of Everts Resort.    

With the river now dropping rapidly I've been moving a little more to other areas chasing a better bite.   It has been good decisions to jump around there seemed to be fish in just about every area I have fished as of late.   The big trick is what technique to use in each area.   If ones not working and you mark the fish then try another.

One major thing I can tell you is we don't have a lack of bait on the system right now.  Everywhere I got there are shad and minnow in the area being chased by fish.   And the Walleye's we have brought in are not skinny by any chance like the ones on mil lacs lake.  

Water depths I have been fishing on are ranging from 3-  11 ft.  Water clarity is very good right now, I'm pretty sure I can see about 14 inches.   Crawlers have been the best bait as of late when dragging jigs and jointed shad raps for trolling.  If you are gonna troll I highly recommend using an 8'3 limit creek fishing rod. It is hands down my favorite for trolling.  I use flueger 3500 series reels with 8'3 fireline.    

I would like to thank the following clients I have had in my boat the last few times out.  

 A couple veterans named Gene and Jerry were an absolute blast and hearing the stories made my day gentlemen thank you for making our country safer.   

Ot and Jon.   Great time guys and glad Jon made the trip from Nebraska to come fishing with my guide service. 

And Mark from Rochester     Glad I could show you a few things to try out down in wabasha area to catch your Walleye's 

good luck out here guys and gals!!!

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