Walleye and sauger fishing report

Since my last report I have seen the bite change from a very good night bite to the water clarity changing and the flow picking up slightly making the walleye and sauger day bite start to come around.  With that being said I know some of you guys have been out and have struggled.  

One good pointer I have for everyone is this is a different animal on the river.  Don’t think you can just come out after not being on the river for months and think your going to kill them. Remember this time of year there are lots of changes from water temperature, clarity and water levels.   Adjustments are a must.  

Last Tuesday I had Steve and his so Shane in the boat for an afternoon trip on the river.  Although the Walleye’s did not jump into the boat we had several very nice walleye for the boys to take home for a meal.  The bite seemed to change from minute to minute on how fast the fish wanted us to move our baits today.  So again I say adjustments are a must  

Wednesday Jim and his grandson Cam met me at Everets resort in the afternoon and off we went chasing Walleye’s.  Jim seemed to have the hot hand today boating several nice walleye.  Cam boated a couple too and I was the dud today losing several fish halfway to the boat   Like I told Cam it happens to everyone.  

Friday Marin, Adam and Doug met me at 715 a.m. and we were of for another adventure on the river. Martin and Doug you guys should be happy you brought Adam along this young man was absolutely on the bite.  He shows me that if you listen to what I say about how to fish the jig you will catch the fish.  We boated several nice fish today and even leta couple dandies go that we’re good spawner size.  

What a fun week I had with some great company in the boat.  I can’t wait to get you gentlemen back out on the mighty Mississippi River again in the future.   

The water depths I’ve caught most of my walleye over the last week range from 6 to 18 foot. The water clarity for me has gone down to about 2 feet.  The flow has made it up to 15000 cfps.   Remember make adjustments depending on the conditions and it will help your catch rate on the river.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!


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