Walleye and sauger fishing report

The river conditions again have changed this week.  Now the clarity is around two foot and the flow is picked back up compared to last week.   

We headed out of Everets resort at 1130 and thanks again guys for having those launches cleared for us die hard open water guys.  There were about 15 boats out when we left the launch today.  It did not take long and Laef was reeling in our first keeper walleye of the day.   Leaf had the hot hand today with his Limit Creek 6'9 smoothie in his hand.  I have a Shimano Sahara 1500 on this rod with 8 lb Berkeley sensation fishing line   This is a deadly combination when dragging jigs this time of the year.   

Laef also caught this nice Northern pile on the same rod.   And good thing to do is check the line after bringing a fish like that in pulled in it and snap it broke instantly.  Glad we checked it or the next walleye would still have a jig in his mouth after that pike nicked the line with his teeth. 

Great time in the boat guys and look forward to our next time in the mighty Mississippi River    Water temperature today was 34 in most areas I fished today and the flow was at 24000.   For this time of the year that's really unheard of so you must adjust to the conditions.  

Goid luck out there guys and galls !!!!!

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