Walleye and sauger fishing report

Over the last week I have fished pools 2,3 and 4.  Each pool had had decent bites on them.  It seemed pool 2 had a better sauger bite for my vessel with pool 4 having the better walleye bite.  In each pool I pretty much fished the same techniques from trolling to dragging jigs.   With each technique putting walleyes and saugers in the boat. 

Wednesday, Katie, Graham and uncle Joe joined me.  We launched out of the 494 launch and went for the catch and release fish.  Katie had the hot hand today catching several saugers and walleye but everyone in the vessel had a few fish in our short period out in the late afternoon.  It was a great time out there with you three in this date and I look forward to taking you out again in the future when you come back from Colorado Katie.    

Friday Duane and I hit pool 4.   We started out dragging jigs in an area I had been catching some walleyes of late and put a couple into the live well before the windy conditions picked up. We then set out to hit several other areas doing some trolling and catching walleyes and saugers in about every place we hit.  Not always keepers but they seemed to keep our rods bowed over.  It was a great time taking you out today Duane and I look forward to taking you out again when the water cools off for a few other techniques. 

I have been fishing in water depth from 3 to 10 feet as of late.   The clarity had been really good but that's gonna change with all the rains that has happened over the last week.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!!

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