Walleye and Sauger fishing report

Well it's that time of the year when the river gets exremely busy with fishermen.  Being  that most of the guys  can not go out and sit in a fish house on a lake they did out the boats in the garages and head down to Everts resort and or the back channel launch and head out and fish in the crowd.  When I say crowd I'm not understating this word.  

I have seen on several days lately at least 120-200 boats in a small area on the river.  The good news this season I have not seen any arguing but that could be because I have not stuck around these areas long.   with the rising water levels on the way keep in mind guys that current is very quick and you need to make sure you have enough room to adjust if your to close to folks.   Be careful and take your times at the launches to prevent accidents.  

Now to fishing.   Each day lately has been different in what wants to bite when they do.  These walleye and sauger are starting to make the move into the river system from lake pepin.   This is a long process for the water temps are one of the main factors in spawn.   Our water temp right now has been running around 40 degrees but with the rising waters coming like all other years the water temp will lower a bit until it steadies out.  

We have mainly been vertical jigging as of late with hair jigs tipped with minnows  from tru tied tackle, Jeff has a good product here.  Also some plastic have been working and the jig heads I have been using on these are from Hutches jigs who also has a great product I use all year.  The plastics that have been best have been ring worms from BfishN tackle and also Hutches ring worms.   And last but not least blades have worked well in my boat.  I use several different brands of these some days one works better than another.   

I have had a few trips lately with some great folks.  I tell my guys at this time of the year you should never expect limits of fish.  Be happy this early in the season when you get into a decent bite.  Now with that being said this bite will pick up considerably in the next few weeks. Techniques will change to put many fish into the boat.   Everyone be safe and to each other. 

I would like to thanks these folks that have joined me so far this year.  Leif Kinect, Tim Duellman from " Duelly outdoors ", kosal and Chuck, Nick , Keith and Josh, Kevin Albertson and Tom.  Great times on the river gentlemen and I look forward to our next outing.  

Water clarity has bounced around from 6 ft to 2 feet in a week and now back to about 4 feet.  The level as of today 4.55 ft. It will dirty up with the rising waters.   It will rise over 4 foot in the next weeks so hang on.   Water temperature yesterday was 40 degrees for my boat.  

On a side note I would like to congratulate my buddy Rick Einright on passing his tests and now is a Captain with his Oupv liscense.   He will be a great guide in the future when he retires from the job he has.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!

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