Use the right gear and techniques and you should put fish on the table

From January till now May the 1 st,  if you continue to adjust to the different water conditions and temperatures then you should be able to add a few Walleye's and or saugers to your dinner plate.  

This week I concentrated on pulling cranks in some areas and pulled theee ways with bait in others.   Cranks of choice have been jointed shad raps and also balsa wood shad raps made by Rapala.   They have both worked on certain days on the river this week for my walleyes  and  saugers.   The next technique I have been doing is pulling bait which include night crawlers, leeches and also creek chubs.   This is a slower technique and takes patients but the reward is the size of the Walleye's you can catch.   Pictured below is a couple tankers from pulling bait and also trolling cranks.  

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with Casy ,  his father Sam and his father in Law Mike from Paducah, Kentucky.   These three gentlemen were a hoot to fish with today and low and behold one of the Mike is kin to my uncle Gary Downs from Paducah.  What are the odds of this happening ?   Fun day gentlemen and Casey I look forward to our next trip out in the river.   

Tuesday Rick and I met up at colville park.   We set out to look for big walleyes  today.  After a few adjustments we boated a couple real nice walleyes today.  What a blast Rick the stick and I'm glad you spent your day off work fishing with me I really enjoyed it.   

Wednesday I had hot rod fisherman Jordan  and his co worker Tim in my vessel.  These guys are part of a group that come over every spring paid for by their boss Mike from  Pranges's heating & air conditioning .    What a great treat gentlemen not everyone has an employer that respects their employees enough to treat them to a guided fishing trip.   Jordan you were definitely the man this morning boating several nice Walleye's ranging in the low to mud 20 inch range.  It was fun watching you two gentlemen enjoying yourselves today.   Glad you enjoyed it    

Mad we speak the river is back to riding again folks so you will need to adjust to different areas that's what makes the river be so unpredictable at times but I like the challenge of see what the Walleye's will do in the changing conditions all of the bigger fish over 20 inches were pictured and released this week for another days catch for someone .  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 

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