Mid summer walleye sauger bite

Over the last few weeks the bite has been pretty good with a good chance of even stabbing at a pretty big fish to boot.  This can also be that time of the year the bite can be very challenging with the water levels dropping to the lowest since last summer.  Finding the better flow on the river can be key.   If you like fishing on pepin you may need to follow the mayfly hatch to catch your fish.    One thing I've noticed this year is the abundance of 10-12 inch saugers.   This is great for the system and should make the fall bite very good.

We have fished a few different techniques that include dragging jigs with baits like crawlers leeches or even Willow cats.  I have also gotten into some walleye and sauger vertical jigging jig n raps and throwing a Miller rig as of late. I'm the type of guy that will change my technique on the fly to figure out what they want more. Last but not least both throwing crank baits at wing dams and also pulling the rig has been very productive. 

The water depths we have targeted as of late have been 4-16 ft.  Each day has been a little different and if you watch your graphs closely it should show you exactly where you should be fishing. Some days they can be a little aggressive and others you may have to really work the baits in the area to get them to strike it.  

I have many emails and texts asking me questions of why they can't get them to bite. The next thing I can tell you is figure out the bite timeline in each area.  I have noticed in one spot they bite early and I move upstream a mile and the bite is mid morning to early afternoon.   This will be key for your catch rate to increase over just giving up as the sun gets higher. 

I would like to thanks all the great folks I've had in my boat the last month and I look forward to our next outings together on the river. 

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!

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