Took a trip down to pool Nine

What a fun couple days down on the home waters for me on pool 9. Although the jumbo perch did not want to cooperate with the water clarity deteriorating a bit the walleye's definiatly did not disappoint us on the two days I was down there.  

Monday morning I got up at 3 30 am and headed down to my buddy and new coast guard approved captain Robert Lampman's house.    He did not let me down folks I walked in the door and he had breakfast for me at 7 am.   What a generous guy to do this for me.    

After eating and getting the boat ready to take some gentlemen out on the water we headed for the launch.   10 minutes later Steve and Franks showed up and off we went on our journey to chase perch and walleye.   We only ended up with a coupe nice perch before we made a decision to go down eiver and chase some real Mississippi River gold.  

It did not take long and Frank had our first eye of the day.   He is pictured below with a few of the fish he caught today.  After doing a few moderations to our rigs we started to put a clinic on some really nice walleye's today.   Steve and Frank seemed to really be enjoying themselves after getting the hang of pulling jigs upstream.  

Walleyes were not the only things we go into today we found a pot of Gar that seemed to really like our ringworms too and Frank had honors of pulling  in a giant gar that measured our at 48 inches.  What fun it was to watch him battle this beast.  This is also pictured below.   It was a great time gentlemen and look forward to our next trip like always.  

Tuesday Rob, Paul and myself headed back out to catch some walleye's.  They were on fire from the first five minutes we started today and Rob boated a coupe dandies to boot.   Pictured below.   What a great time gents and like always I look forward to our next outing when you come up in April.   

The water temp down on pool 9 was 34 degrees and the clarity on Monday was about 15 inches and on tiesday I could see at least 22 inches.  The rains you had down south make a big difference on the day bite compared to redwing right now where the clarity is about 7 foot.  

If anyone down in your area is looking for a good guide on pools 8-10 I would recommend captain Robert Lampman and his number is 608 606 0774.  Good luck with you guide business sir.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!   

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