Things are settling down now

It’s been a whirlwind of a fall so far but now that the river has settled down its time to get to business as the fall run begins to happen. I have fished from Prescott Wisconsin all the way down to Wabasha Minnesota to put fish into the boat the last three weeks.  Now that the walleye and sauger have started to make their journey up into the river out of Lake Pepin I will be more concentrated on the areas around Redwing.   

Even with the high flows their are many places you can catch enough walleye and sauger for a meal.  This is the fun times of year where they will absolutely blow up your rod when they hit the plastics you are using.   I personally like to try lots of different types of plastics out until I find the hot one on each day.   They can be caught on hutches sauger slayers, zoom flukes, ring worms and paddle tails.   You pick through them and find the right color combo and you could have an amazing day out there.   

Another major factor to pay attention to is your electronics.  Over the last few weeks my Garmin 93 sv plus unit has paid dividends for me.  I drive through areas before I fish them and look for several marks and bait.  Once you find this then it’s your turn to try and figure out the hot bait of choice for them to devour. 

I have had several folks in the boat since my last report with quite of few firsts and personal bests of walleye and sauger.   It always makes my day in this profession to see everyone enjoy themselves on the water and the smiles when they reel in such a nice fish.  Here are a couple gentlemen with personal bests lately   Al from st Charles Illinois hooked into a very nice just under 27 incher, and Micheal Marola from DSG of Lacrosse Wisconsin hooked into a nice 25 incher this week.  

Like always folks it has been a pleasure to have you in my vessel and hope to see you on our next adventure on the mighty Mississippi River. Thank you for choosing my guide service to enjoy your day. 

The river is now dropping and the clarity is very good as of yesterday.   Water temperature is 48 degrees in most places. Don’t forget to pay attention to the debris floating down the river when taxiing around I hate to see anyone have oroblems out there.   Also keep in mind the large tow boats have the right away and can not stop so stay out of their path.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!  



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