Things are really starting to change on the river

Over the last couple weeks I have seen the river not only rise and fall and now rise again in level but the water temperatures are plummeting.   With these changes happening it really keeps you as a fishermen on your toes searching for that next best bite.   

We have gone from dragging 1/16 ounce jigs with crawlers to trolling cranks and even pitching plastics and hair all in the last two weeks.  We have been fishing areas we can find cleaner water.  There have been times I could not see one inch but when I was last out we made it back to 5 inches.   

Scott, Kyle , Rich and Andy it was a great couple days out on the river with you gentlemen.   Each day we were out the bite had changed due to the water clarity.  Sure am glad the Walleye’s and sauger decided to cooperate for us even though it was not fast and furious.   Like I said above it was a great time guys and I look forward to taking your clients out in October Kyle.  

Tom brought his buddy Dave and his wife from Arizona out with me on the 15 th.   After doing a little searching we found a few Walleye’s they wanted to take to the Harbor Bar for lunch on this date.   One thing we as a group learned today is the Walleye’s did not want a whole night crawler they only wanted half.   Dragging jigs was our best technique today.   Fun time guys and sure am glad Deb caught the most and the biggest fish of the day this seems to happen about 75 percent of the time woman are in my boat.  

Loretta, Dean, and Tom joined me for a two day trip out of Everts resort. We searched for a bit on the first day and did put some really nice Walleye’s in the boat.   On the second day I noticed the water level started to rise a bit and dirty up a smidge so we slowed our presentations down a little and the was the key.  We boated sever fish on this date to.  

On both days we dragged jigs and also pulled slo death hooks to put our Walleye’s in the boat.   What a great time you three and I love the email saying how you really enjoyed your time in my vessel.  See you next year for another great time folks. 

Next I had Ted , Katie and John in my boat.   It was a little rainy on this date but that did not stop the walleye from biting. We boated several walley and sauger today that Katie and John took back to Indiana to eat for dinner.  What a fun day y’all and I look forward to another trip with you fine people when you come back into town in the future.

Brian , and Andrew from DSG of La Crosse, brought Sherrill and Kevin from Mracek  plumbing and heating in  Decorah, Iowa.   headed out to target crappies today and they did not disappoint us at all.  Sherrill boat our first one and then it was game on.  We caught about 22 keeper sized crappies today and 4 nice Walleye’s while pitching jigs to shorelines and wood.  We also got some of the fish just pullin our jigs around with the trolling motor.  What a great day folks and I am glad you learned something about chasing crappies while in my boat. 

The river level is rising and the water temps are lowering its gonna be a great fall bite folks. Be patient it is cleaning up as we speak.  Remember go by your notes the fish are in the areas you just need to adjust to the changes. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!

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