The walleyes and saugers are starting the migration to the spawning areas

So nice to see this happening this time of the year. When these walleyes and saugers are on the move each day can be different and you should be ready to jump from spot to spot to catch a school of fish moving through them.  If you catch your walleyes and saugers in an area and it slows move to another area and bam there is another school.  With the water temperatures warming into the mid 40's it one of the triggers to get the walleyes and saugers moving  

Tuesday I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Doug and his son   We got into several fish on this date although no Giants the walleyes and saugers kept us busy with their aggressive bites  each day can be different on the aggressiveness of the bite. You have to adapt to the way it is each day  great time guys enjoyed showing you how the bite can be on the mighty Mississippi River   

Friday Jordan and Her husband Jason joined me for another trip out on the river  Love it when I get a couple people in the boat that has learned the techniques I have taught them before it really paid off for these two they both caught several walleyes and saugers today   Although Jason caught the most Pictured beliw is Jordan with her 4lb sauger she got today.  Wow what a sauger.   Great time guys it's my pleasure taking you two out each time  

Saturday Billy and Adam wanted to get out to learn some techniques I use to catch walleyes and saugers  we headed out of Everets resort at 730 am   First thing we did was Dubuque rig today   After catching several walleyes and saugers   We then set out to spa little pitching blades and vertical jigging  although it was not as productive we caught a few smaller saugers doing this technique  

We then went to pulling stick baits in a couple areas I had fished over the past week and the walleyes and saugers were definitely biting this way   We fished this technique in water depths from 13 to 22 foot deep   Most of our bites were in the deeper water  gentlemen I hope the things you learned today help you out up in pool 2  now you just have to do your homework on where to use each technique up there   Good luck guys   

I would like to add two things for everyone number one   barges or tow boats can not stop so move out of their way you will be run over fishing at the Y area    number two   There are several logs floating down the system right now done extremely careful out there   I sure hope the guys in the expensive glass boat are fine I know they hammered that log when traveling at full speed up the river.

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!! 



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