The river is an amazing fishery

Let's start out by saying it is freaking hot outside for September.    Now with that being said the Walleye's , saugers and crappies are not disappointing me so far for late summer.   

Over the last couple weeks I have started to chase some crappies during my guide trips for Walleye's.  It give a person a break for doing the same thing all day.  And the crappies are starting to heat up and the size is amazing of these crappies.   The crappies are suspended in several areas I have been fishing.  Figuring out what deity has been the key to putting them into the livewell.  But keep this in mind the Walleye's are also putting in the feed bag in early fall.   

I have had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with the following folks the last week or so.

JD and his father Don.  A great father son outing with some good laughs and some really nice Walleye's to take home to eat for dinner.  Don good luck with the softball game in Florida!!!!!

.next I have Diane, Dick and Jim.  These folks were from Spokane and am glad they chose me to take out on the mighty Mississippi River.  I'm sure glad these two gentlemen finally got into some Walleye's because Diane was putting in a clinic to start our outing. 

Then I had a two day trip with Kyle, Scott and Richard.  These three gentlemen were an absolute blast for two days even if he first day the rains never stopped the Walleye's kept us busy enough to keep it off our minds.   Great time guys see you next year.   

Water depths I've been fishing are ranging from 7-18 ft.   There really is not a certain depth in the to concentrate in it seems the fish are spread out in these areas.   Water temperature has been up and down like the air temperatures as of late.  Clarity is very good right now.  

Good luck out there Guys and Gals !!!!!!!!

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