Summer time water temperatures

Over the last week I have seen our water temperatures surge into the 70's.  Now is this a good thing ?   Yes and no.   Yes for the fishermen that like to drag jigs, troll cranks and pitch light hair jigs for fun on the river system.   Not in favor for the guys tha like to vertical jig.   

Last Monday Vince and Rose joined me.  We launched out of the colville marina and off to our half day trip we went.  These two wanted to learn techniques to fishing walleyes on the river.  We started out dragging jigs this morning and it did not take long and Rose reeled in the biggest walleye of our day measuring out at 28 inches.  I told her and Vince right then that would be very hard to beat on a day. Rose is pictured below with her trophy walleye that we released after a photo.  We fished a few other techniques today and caught walleyes and saugers on each one.  Hopefully it helps the two of you on your river adventures.  Great time on the river and I look forward to seeing you out there. 

Wednesday Stuart and myself set out to look for multi species and that's exactly what we caught.   We pitched hair jigs, trolled the rig, and dragged jigs to catch walleyes, saugers, small mouth bass, white bass, and of course drum.  It was a fun time getting out there pitching the light jigs around on the system.  And really fun watching stew learn this technique.   Good luck bud in your future fishing on the river. 

Thursday I had the Samson family from Samson Dairy join me   On this date we caught most of our fish trolling cranks but young little Sam seemed to have the hottest hand today boating several of our walleyes and saugers and a very entertaining young man he was in the boat   Having three generations of one family is remarkable in its own and a great family there were   Good luck gentlemen on your next fishing adventure  

Friday I had the pleasure of having Jason  from DSG in Rochester and  Mike, and Jon are from Vis plumbing and heating. We set out of Everets resort this morning.  We fished several areas today to catch our fish no place being overly great this morning so jumping from spot to spot was a must today to catch walleyes.  We caught fish in water depths today ranging from 2-10 feet.  Both dragging jigs and trolling produced fish for us on this date. Great time gentlemen and I look forward to another day in the mighty Mississippi River.

The water clarity started looking a little better the last couple days which is what we are looking for. We have used crawlers, leeches and a few willow cats to put fish into the boat for our live bait.  Trolling wise I have been use rapalas and flicker shads at times.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!  

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