Sorry for not posting a report been super busy on the river.

Over the last two weeks the might Mississippi River has had lots of changes.   Cooler temperatures have kept the water temperature down for quite sometime this spring. And now the rising muddy water is our next adventure that has changed what a fishermen has to battle on the river.  

Thursday the 19 th Jim joined me for a half day trip out of Everts resort .  We did not have to wait long to start putting walleye into the boat and we even boated some pike to boot.  The river never seems to go without a  surprise when you hook into fish and it not what you expect it to be.  Makes it real fun.   Fun half day Jim,  and I  look forward to our next outing.

Friday the 20th I had another group of guys from DSG of Lacrosse   Micheal, Andy and Dan seemed to really enjoy theirselves today boating several nice walleye and sauger.  And the weather seemed to be turning for the better which makes it easier to feel the bites on the limit creek 5’10 fishing rods.   As always Micheal thank you for bringing your clients out to fish in my vessel and am glad you boys enjoyed yourselves.  

Monday the 23 rd Kevin, Mike and Charlie joined me on the river.   Charlie seemed to have the hot ha d today once I thought him how to dubuque rig.  Biggest thing I showed him was with the dirtier water move it as slow as possible and you will put many eyes into the boat.   What a fun day guys see you gentlemen next time you come down.  

Tuesday the 24 th Jim, Terri and the birthday boy Richard joined me for our annual spring walleye trip. Well let me say the birthday boy did not get disappointed today boating a huge personal best walleye today from the mighty Mississippi River.   Just look at the kids smile with his walleye.  Jim it was a great time with your family again and it makes my day to see you folks enjoy yourselves out on the water with me.   

Wednesday Marty and I took our annual trip with the boys from the Prange group.  This year I had Larry and Mike in my boat.  Both these gentlemen boated several fish today.   The weather was gorgeaous today I was even able to take off the heavy bibs.  Great stories for you gentlemen today about the other fisheries you go too.  It was a  Fun time gentlemen and see you next spring.   

Thursday Kyle brought his co worker Tyler with him for his first trip on the might Mississippi River.  After Tyler got broke in with some eater sized walleye and sauger we set out to try and get some bigger post spawn walleye.  Well it was slow but we did boat a couple dandies.  Had several take our bait and even lost a big one at the boat.  Kyle is pictured with his biggest from the day.   Kyle see you gents for the trolling run coming up.

Heres the latest river stage I have today 12.07 ft , that is over a six foot rise from a week ago.  Lots of debri floating down the river folks so be extremely careful out there.  The clarity it as of yesterday about 10 inches in places.  And the water temperature in most places was 44 degrees.  

Good luck out the guys and Gals !!!!  



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