Slow bite but catching some really nice sized walleye

Cold fronts, snow and wind did not stop most of us die hard from going out on the mighty Mississippi River over the last week and a half.   Some of the days were brutal with that wind but if you could keep your extremities covered it was well worth it with the walleye we put in the boat.

Darren is pictured with his biggest walleye to date measuring at 25 1/2 inches long and weighing in at 8.5 lbs  she came victim to a moxie.  Watching Darren battle this fish was priceless.  We took a picture of her and released her to lay that fat belly of eggs so we can have fun with her babies as the grow bigger.  Very nice fish Darren and thank you Leif for bringing your son in law on a trip on the river with you.   

Monday morning I had Adam and the California bass man in the boat with me.  We headed out of the resort at 730 am. The bite was a little tougher this morning  but we did accomplish getting the Tom his first ever walleye today that he is pictured with.  The boys went home with a good meal for the wives and kids.   Good times and Good luck on your move back to Minnesota bass man.

Wednesday afternoon Tom, Charlie and Kurt come rolling in the resort around 1230 pm.  After loading there gear in the cabin we set out to find some areas for the boys to fish for the 4 days.   Well after about ten minutes Tom got into a dandy first fish of the trip.  That’s a great start to the day in my eyes.  Very nice fish Tom and gentlemen I look forward to our outing in early November.  

Thursday morning Tom, Dan and his father Mark joined me for a day on the river.  We started in an area I have been getting  a few fish as of late.  They started out pretty slow today so after about an hour we headed down to try a couple other areas out and it was the right choice.  Dan was the man today boating several walleye and sauger.  Even getting his biggest to date in the boat.  Although it can be frustrating watching one guy catch most of the fish keep in mind that it can be all about feel. And Dan was definitely feeling those lit hits he was getting on his Limit creek 5’10 fishing rod.  Great time guys and look forward to our trip next year. Hopefully it’s warmer.  

The river stage at this moment is steady. And the flow is about 33000 cfps.  Water clarity is about 4-6 inches at best.  Be very careful there is plenty of debris floating down the river.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!  

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