Since my last report the river is finally getting closer to normal levels

With the rains slowing down the river has finally had a chance to drop closer to the levels we are used to this time of the fishing season.  What does this mean?   Being able to target areas and techniques we have become used to this time of the year. 

The last couple weeks we have been able to put plenty of Walleye's into the boat.   Patients was the biggest part of fishing at this time.  We have been mainly pulling three ways with baits like leeches and crawlers.  Each day seemed to be different on what speed the Walleye's and saugers wanted to bite at.   And colors of floaters was the next thing, so that means I always started with several colors out until I found the hot bait for the day.  

Now there is another challenge on the system but does not usually last too long that would be the mayfly hatch.  The Walleye's and all other fish do feed on these at the time it's going on so it can make the bite a little slower until it is finished which I believe may be this week.    

Don it's too bad you missed the trip we had scheduled but nice you sent Chris and your son out instead they seemed to really enjoy themselves today and I am glad they learned some different techniques to fish the river with.  Great time you to. 

Friday June 23 I had a couple gentlemen named Brent and Brent from Indiana.  We searched a couple areas and then hit an area that had some decent sized Walleye's these two were able to take home for the frying pan.  Very enjoyable day guys and I look forward to the journey on the river chasing small mouth next year. 

Tuesday I had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with Brian and his two grandsons.   Grandpa had the hot hand today nailing the first few keepers but the boys made a string comeback and Carter even got into his  personal best walleye today   as is every summer gentlemen it was a great time on the water with you and good luck at college Brian. 

The water depths that have been working best for me have ranged from 3-8 foot as of late.  Always remember adjust to the conditions you are fishing and it will help you put fish into the boat. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!

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