She's starting to clean back up and the bite will too

Let me start by saying the river was about as dirty as I had ever seen it a week ago.   Those torrential down pours really dirtied up the Minnesota river which really makes the system look like a chocolate milkshake.  With all that being said over the last 4 days she has turned around for the better and so has the bite. 

Last Friday Marty and I fished in the Croix. After searching around and doing different techniques we ended up picking up on a pattern that put some fish into the boat.  Why pick that area you may ask?    Clean water!!    The Croix usually stays pretty darn clean no matter how much rain we get.   It's always a back up plan to the mighty Mississippi.   

Monday morning we head to the Mississippi.  Now it's not super clean but better than it had been.   We fished several areas and caught walleyes in just about every one.   Not always keeper sized but it showed us the fish could finally see our baits.  Great time Marty it will probably be a while before we get back out together with both of us getting into the busy season.  Tuesday  I changed it up and went perch chasing.    Met my buddy Rick his son Ryan and Jackson Ryan's college roommate at the lower end of the pool.   We mainly fished one area today catching several smaller perch and some real dandies to boot.  We where using 16th ounce jigs with tubes on them and tipped with a minnow to put our fish into the boat. We were in 7 1/2 ft of water.  Vertical jigging      Great time gentlemen.   

Wednesday I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Josh and Max.   Max was over for a visit with josh from Sweden     It was awesome to have Max catch his first ever walleye while he was in my boat.  The boys ended up taking home ten nice walleyes today and we had several shirt fish too.  Real surprised that we never hooked into a keeper sauger fir this time of the year.    Fun day guys look forward to another day in the future.

Water temperature today was holding at 63 degrees.  The level is 8.9 ft and the clarity although not great is getting better.   Remember when it's like this find those current seems there should be done fish stacked up in them.

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!  

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