Rising water post spawn Walleye's

Let's start off by saying happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there !!!!!!

I have been pretty busy lately chasing some bigger walleyes on some days and then getting out to have a quicker bite on watts the others.    When chasing the bigger walleyes the bite is a little slower pulling bait around on three ways with crawlers leaches and creek chubs.   The reward on the other hand is bigger fish. It's all in what you want to do on your trip out with me.   

Jim,Trevor and David met me at Prescott to learn a little about pool 3.  We started out the morning using Dubuque rigs with plastics in this day and it was a great decision the Walleye's and saugers really liked this presentation this morning.  We then went to trolling cranks and again after a few spit changes we got into a few nice Walleye's and saugers for them to take home for the dinner plate.   Gentlemen it was a great time teaching you about the river today and I look forward to another trip with you in the future.   Good luck with your outings on pool 3.  

Monday I had a date set up with my buddy Robert Lampman.  We we're out chasing bigger fish today.  We got into a few nice ones like the one I have Rob pictured with below.  What a fun time Rob and good luck out there on the river down on pool 9.   

Tuesday Kevin and Kyle decided they wanted to try and chase bigger fish.   We pulled bait for hours today.  At times the bite was good for the smaller ones. But we did manage to get Kyle his personal best 24 incher today pulling a chub.   When pulling bait patients is a must always remember when the walleye hits softly you need to let him or her load up on the rod before pulling it out of the holder and setting the hook.  Your success rate will be much better with patients.  Fun day guys and I look forward to getting you out for another personal best in the future.

The other day while waiting for my clients I noticed a gentlemen put his boat in the water.   He proceeded to the dock tied up his boat and then walked over towards the bait shop at Everts Resort.   I then seen him driving down the river I look over towards the launch and thinking to myself is he test riding his boat for a few minutes or did someone forget something?

    After about a half hour I walked into the shop and mentioned it to Kelly I took it upon myself to walk over there seen the truck was still running and the doors wide open I pulled this brand new chevy out of the water and packed it for him.   Can someone say this man was excited to go fishing?  Glad I was able to help him out that would have sucked for him to come back to an empty tank on the launch.

The  water depths I have been fishing have ranged from 4- 17 ft.   Water temperature has bounced around a little from 48-61 degrees.   Clarity is very good right now for me about 12 inches.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 





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