Pool 4 walleye and sauger report

Rising water levels combined with rising water temperatures on the river has been the perfect combination for our fishery to have a great spawn this spring.  With that being said staying on top of the ever changing conditions is a must to catching  fish in your boat.  

Over the last two weeks there has been a mixture  of good weather days to days that have been at least 20 degrees below normal.  This has kept the water temps feature at bay at times which slows down the spawn.  Keep in mind all that snow they get up north also is a big factor at when our water temperatures on pool 4 to sustain what temps the fish need to lay them eggs.   Every year I have fished here I always noticed a rise in water temps on one week to dropping drastically due to the melting of that cold snow a couple weeks later.   These are the types of changes you need to adjust to.  When it cools off you must go back to a slower presentation to put fish in the boat.

I have had many folks in the boat the last couple weeks that have been a joy to fish with. And Even a couple personal best walleye they have caught.   I did fish the AIM tounement with Tim and it was a successful tourney for us as we cashed a check against some very good fishermen.  Fun time Tim.   Glad I didn't scare the daylight out of you on the take off.  Hehehe !!!

I would like to thank all the folks that have joined me as of late.  Jerry as always the comedian that came with Jay and Kendra. Mark and His dad Dave, Kyle ,John and Dusty and Tim , Jeff, and Royal who has the heaviest walleye of the year in my boat. 

Royal at the end of our day set the hook and when I looked over at the rod bend I knew we were in for a good show. Well Royal faught this piglet for what seemed ten minutes even telling the three of us a story as he let her wear down was about the calmest gentlemen I've ever seen in my boat bringing in an absolute giant.   After the long fight and finally getting her netted all of us we're very excited to see this giant.  After several pictures we released her back to wild river.  Awesome time and awesome day guys. 

The day I had with Mark and his dad Dave was fun also . We boated lots of fish on this date.  These two gentlemen fish quite a bit on the river system.  Teaching them different techniques has been what we have set out to do and I can see it has paid off.  Keep it up gentlemen and I look forward to seeing you out ther this summer.  

The most productive technique lately has been Dubuque rigging with plastics.   This will change soon with the spawn in full effect.  Everyone should start dusting off the trolling rods and untangling the crank baits this will be very effective soon with the high water levels.  You still need to keep in mind the walleye and sauger will be in and around current seem areas.  The warmer waters soon will have them chasing bait up along the shoreline switching next couple weeks.  

The plastics I have been using have been pulsars and ringworms.   Color choices have changed day to day. Blade baits have also put several walleye in the boat. Again colors of blade baits have been different every time I've tried them. 

Water depth I have been in have been from 8-17 ft.  The clarity as of today was about a foot in most places.  Water temperature today was 43 degrees.  The current chart show it rising to 9. 3 ft.   If more rain comes that will change so keep your eyes on it.   Be careful lots of debris floating down the river.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!! 




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