Pool 4 walleye and sauger fishing report

Well let’s start this report out by saying   “WOW was this a massive flow of Dirt rolling through the pool”.   Now that does not mean you won’t catch fish it just makes it a little slower because it’s harder for them to see your baits with that clarity.

Over the Last week I’ve shared my vessel with some great clients and friends.  As the week had gone I really noticed the clarity diminishing rapidly.  We went from about 11 inches to by the end of Tuesday it was just about an inch at best.  Bad enough I could not see the fish in my livewell we were fortunate to catch on Tuesday.

Nick and Dave like last spring I had an absolute great time in the boat with you two gentlemen and really like hearing what I taught you worked for you gentlemen the next day out.  Always keep in mind ass the river conditions change you have to change with them.  General rule of thumb if it dirties up slow down your presentations. 

Scott, Rich, Paul Aaron and Kyle. It was a blast like last fall sharing my vessel with you gentlemen on our two day trip. Both days we boated Walleye’s in some very diminishing conditions. You gentlemen have lots of good stories and seem to really be enjoying yourselves on the water.  Always. Ice to see that as a guide. Kyle that small mouth bass you caught is a trophy be proud to get such a trophy fish.   They don’t come everyday.   

Today I went out for a few hours on my own.  I fished several areas and when I found cleaner water conditions I put some really nice crappies in the boat and even a few bonus Walleye’s in the same areas .   The river is now receeding and the clarity will get better each day since no rain for the last eight days.   

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!

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