Mississippi River walleye fishing report redwing Minnesota

This week I got out several times.  As the week went I noticed the fish cooperated a little better each day with the clarity change a little.  It seamed like each day I had to move a little to figure out where the walleyes and saugers were hanging with the water level coming up.  Yes I did say she is rising again.   This had been one unpredictable winter we have had so far.  

Sunday I had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with John Michelson.  John had a game plan coming up this week he was staying right at Everts Resort so he could get the most out of his fishing time this time with me.  After a little searching John hooked into some really nice walleyes and saugers today.  We mainly dragged jigs in several areas today to convince our walleyes to bite.  Biggest trick seemed to be getting the right speed down to trigger them.  We also did some vertical jigging and put fish into the boat.  It was a great time on the water as always with you John and look forward to our next outing.  

Wednesday, after helping Brian with his garage door opener we decided to go down and see if we could get the boat on the water with the snowstorm going on   Well to no surprise the ramps at Everts Resort were open as always and off we went. Again after a little searching we got into a bundle of walleyes and sauger willing to participate.  

Brian had a little secret jig he brought along today and boy it was the hot bait.  He boated many saugers with his secret jig. It's always fun to watch someone get the joy out of something he made himself. Way to go Brian.  Don't get me wrong the plastics were working good too.  We fished in water depths from 10 to 21 foot today.  The Mississippi River is very clean right now and you need to adjust to the conditions to put fish in the boat.  Great time out there Brian look forward to the next time in the night Mississippi.  

Water level has rising back up to 5 ft but the clarity is still very good.   The water temp has been changing each day with it rising.  Trust your electronics if it show fish try several techniques to catch them don't get stuck in just one thing it could make or break your day in the water.  

Goid luck out there guys and gals !!!! 


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