Mississippi River walleye fishing report

Continuing water changes on the system will keep you looking for the next bite on pool 4.  When you mark the fish with your electronics pound that area for a while and figure out what they want and you should be able to take a few fish home for the dinner table. 

Each day over the last two weeks has been a little different on what a fishermen should do to get the walleye to strike your presentation. Some days as of late I’ve gone from pitching jigs and blades to vertical jigging and even Dubuque rig to put some really nice walleye in the boat.   At times the fish were sluggish to start but as the sun got higher in the sky and warmed the water a bit the fish began to get a little more active. 

Kevin, Tyler and Kyle joined me Thursday the 22 nd and we headed out of Everets resort to pitch some blades this morning.  Kevin got into a walleye on his first cast today not a giant but a decent eater sized walleye.  After a couple hours of pitching we headed to another spot and went to vertical jigging hair and minnow. This was our best producing technique of the day with Kevin ,Kyle Tyler and myself boating several walleye and even missing many strikes. It was a great time as usual gentlemen and look forward to our next outing together.

Friday was a little tougher bite with the water getting colder and dirtying up.  This usually takes a couple days for the Walleye’s to adjust to these conditions.   We did manage to put some in the live well for the boys to take home but we worked extra hard for our bites today.  Micheal, Joe and Dave had fun teaching you gentlemen a little about the river today and Micheal I’ll see you in a couple weeks for our next outing.  

Monday morning the bite was a little better and we boated several really nice walleye and sauger today.  It seemed like a battle in my boat on who was gonna boat the next bigger walleye between Ryan and Todd.  By the end of the day Ryan had the numbers but Todd had the biggest walleye measuring out at 23 1/4 fat female we pictured and turned loose. Fun times guys like last year.  See you next spring.  

Tuesday Tom From DSG brought along a couple of his guys from Iowa for a trip.  Craig seemed to have the hot hand today boating several walleye and even a nice northern to boot.  He picked up on the technique quickly today and never looked back. Not leave out Jeremy and Tom the boated boated a couple fish too. Great time guys and Tom see you next week with a couple new guys.  

Stay tuned to how the week ended on the next report.  There’s a couple pictures of the guys with their catches from the week. 

Stage is at 5.7 clarity in most places is about 12 inches.  Make sure your watching for floating debri I bumped a log the other day in transit back to the docks.

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!



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