Mississippi River walleye fishing report

Over the past two weeks I have been bouncing around in several areas catching lots of Walleye and sauger.   I should say catching lots of species with the sheep head, white bass, and northern pike biting too.  

The main technique as of late is trolling.   Does that mean they are not biting doing other techniques?  No.   It’s just the one I have been doing very well with eater sized walleye.  I know many of my fishing buddies like to go out and pull bait and they are putting plenty of fish in the boat too.  When the bite on the river is good like right now you can try lots of things and put fish in the frying pan.  

Tuesday the 8 th I had Tom and his dad Jim join me on pool 4.  We set out to teach Tom a little about what to look for on the system to use in his home waters in La Crosse area on pool 8.  After a couple spots we fished and techniques I thought them the guys started putting some walleye in the boat today with his dad Jim getting the biggest one today. It was my pleasure teaching you gentlemen about the river guys and I look forward to another day with you in the future. 

Friday Mark and Vaughn got out with me again and we put a pretty good hunting on some fish today trolling cranks in several areas today.  These two gentlemen have had some really good success with me the couple times they have been out with me so far this year.  As always guys it was a great time and love hearing the stories of you other fishing trips to Florida for tarpon. 

Saturday, Mike and Nick joined me this morning and it was not long into our trip these boys started boating several fish.   We mainly trolled today in several areas finding walleye in current seams.  In several of them the fish were just stacked and getting doubles happened several times today.  Fun time Mike and Nick and look forward to our next outing. 

Tuesday afternoon Ron and his buddy Jim joined me for the second time this year. Several times today we talked about how much warmer it was on this trip.  75 degrees compared to a start of 21 degrees the first time out this spring. Ron and Jim took a limit of fish today for the frying pan.  Gentlemen it was an honor taking a couple veterans like yourselves out and see you enjoying the day.   See you on our next outing. 

Saturday I had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with Summer, Justin and their father who bought this guided trip for his kids for Christmas. What a fun day with this family today and after a little adjustment with fishing rods being switched Summer boated the biggest walleye of the day.  Nice job young lady and what a great family.  See you three in the future.  

Sunday big fish Mark brought his buddy Billy out with us today.  We caught lots of walleye and sauger today with these two gentlemen taking several home for the frying pan.  Not quite the big fish like Mark caught in early spring but some real nice eaters .   Mark I’m sure we will be out before summers end so in the meantime enjoy the weather.

Today I had Mack, Ryan and Ernie in the boat.   And after a few quick jokes this morning these guys put an absolute butt kicked on the walleye today.   Numbers wise the guys ended up finishing close in numbers but Ryan got the biggest fish of the day measuring out at 25 inches.  Very nice fish Ryan and I look forward to another trip guys in my boat with you.  

The water is dropping pretty quickly now with the lack of precipitation.   The walleye are pulling out of the woods now and bunching up in the seams.   Choose a presentation that fits your needs and find them marks on your electronics and you should be successful.  Today we were at 7.5 ft and the water temperature is 65 degrees   Clarity is just over 12 inches.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 




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