Mississippi River walleye fishing report

Well we are starting to get some clarity change on the river system.  Now we just need the flow to pick up a bit and things will really pick up on the bite.  And if you are asking what do I mean?  I mean those pesky ole sauger will start making their run up the system.  

This week I have been out several times both on pool 4 and pool 2.    This bite has been different  on each pool. On most days it seemed a little tough to get the Walleye’s to bite in midday on pool 4 but the pool 2 bite had been happening.   Most guys have been doing the night bite on pool 4 and have had some pretty decent success.   When I have been out in early evening it’s been pretty good too in my vessel, now with that being said if the water clarity continues to deminish the day bite will really pick up.  Only time will tell.  

Friday Marty and I got out to do some searching and after a bit we found a couple pods of walleye that wanted to cooperate.  Had a great time out there for the couple hours we spent on the water with my good ole guide friend and it’s always a learning experience we we get into the boat together to figure out the best technique to throw at the Walleye’s.

Saturday morning I wake up drink some coffee, work out, and then Helen approaches me a couple times saying she wants to go out and fish in the boat. Well she got what she wanted because I usually never turn my best fishing buddy down when she wants to go out.   After an hour on the water Helen got into a couple back to back Walleye’s and that made her day that she got her fix.   I can’t wait till the next outing young lady it’s always fun with you in the boat and I love it you like to learn more about what the Walleye’s are up too.  

Sunday morning Marty met Chad,Brad and I on pool 2.  The bite was a little tough this morning but we did manage to put some nice walleye in the boat.  We fished several techniques today including dragging jigs vertical jigging and pitching blades.  The biggest walleye was caught pitching a blade on my third cast.  What a tanker and a battle to the boat.  The boys seemed to enjoy the day on the water today and I look forward to the next time out.  

The water temperatures at Redwing is running around 36 degrees and the clarity is about four foot.  The flow has picked a a little and will continue to pick up with the warmer temperatures on the way this week.  The stage was at 3.1 the last time I was on pool 4 .  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!



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