Mississippi River walleye fishing report

All I can say is wow.   The Mississippi River has to be listed as one of the best walleye and sauger fisheries in the world.   The plethora number of 10-12 inch walleye and sauger in our system right now is unbelievable.  I have not gone a day lately without catching at least 15-20 short fish each day. On the pools I have fished lately our slot limit is 15 to 20 inches and one fish over 20.    I'm seeing what this has done to the fishery just a couple years into the new rules and cannot wait to see how things progress into the future. 

Over the last couple weeks I have fished several techniques.  Trolling the rig has produced many walleye for my folks I have taken out on the water.  I have also pulled crawlers on slow death hooks, pitched jigs with plastics, and dragged jigs with bait to put fish in the boat.  Each day it has changed to what they want.  The conditions change day to day you could tear fish up in a spot one day and next only get a couple there being able to piece it together each day and switching it up is a must. 

The other day I had a guy ask me what makes my decisions on what I'm going to do.  My answer to him was experience on the water over the years has made things come easier on what to do and where to fish.  I pay attention to water levels, water temperatures, clarity, flow coming through the locks and dam, and also wind direction.  Every one of these conditions help make my decisions.  Bonus is having a great guide named Marty Hahn I share information with and bouncing ideas off each other's brains on what we can do each day.  

Over the week of June 1st I had the Robinson crew. I get these folks each year for three days.  Like always it was an absolute blast taking y'all fishing on pools 3 and 4.  This year Rita and Tom brought Their niece Marissa (nettles) with them for the outing.  This is due to us losing Dean over the winter.   Dean I know you were watching us overhead and Nettles would of made you proud. She was an absolute hoot to have in the boat and she did not skip a beat on giving everyone in the boat some laughter.  What a wonderful niece you have and I look forward to taking her, Tom  and Rita back out  again in the future.   Miss you bud!!!

I also had Jay and two of his grand kids in the boat on this week and like always it seems Kendra seemed to have the hot hand catching many walleye including a very nice 25 and a half incher the she tied grandpa Jays with.  Brice did not disappoint up in the front of the boat either having me net several nice keeper sized walleye.   Great time jay and I look forward to our trips in the fall.   

With the water levels dropping you will be able to target many more areas and do all the techniques listed above.  The key will be with the warmer temperatures coming up on which one to pick.   I look forward to the next two weeks before I start to travel with Helen for softball.  The bite should continue to be very good on the system just remember trust your electronics and be willing to adjust each day.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!








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