Mississippi River walleye and sauger report

How does a guy start this report. When I thought I've experienced about everything the elusive walleye could throw at me I suddenly realize there is much more to learn.  This spring has been like no other. I've seen more fish on my Garmin electronics this year than I have since I've fished the river system.   

Now let's just say with all the conditions continually changing it seemed to take a great early spring bite to just about drive a person crazy after another of the ever ending cold fronts come through thaf just shut the bite down at times.   You would see mark after mark but would get maybe a few bites a day during a one week period.   When these types of things happen that's what makes having as much experience on the adjoining pools to both myself and Marty Hahn's advantage.  

We switched up pools and walla we were putting some really nice walleye and sauger in the boat.  The biggest thing you had to do was adjust speeds and colors on the other pools. I went from using plastics on pool 4 to using hair jigs that Marty tied up on the other pool to put fish in the boat.  We always try to keep our clients on the best bite we can when things change. I'm a believer also that a little change in scenery can be to your advantage and think outside the box.  

Dubuque rigging has still been the best technique for putting numbers in the boat.  With the warmer water temperatures this week I will start to pull bait around on three ways and also pull the rig with Shad raps and or other cranks styled baits. You will start to get plenty of bites shallow now that the river temp has warmed up to 57 degrees.  Keep your eyes out for the schools of shiners along the shorelines and you will be awarded with some great success casting to those areas the fish are chasing them. 

Here are a few colors that worked well for me this spring.   Chartreuse green core,   Purple char tail,  chartreuse pepper, and purple white.   Both in moxies and pulsars.    Hutch had some nice new purple ringworms that had a hot streak for about two weeks also.   You can order them through hutches jigs. 

I'd like to thank everyone that chose my guides service on the mighty Mississippi River and I look forward to our next outings.     

Water depths I targeted in the last couple weeks has been around the 8-14 ft mark.  All depended on where the walleyes sat each day.  When the water temperature would drop I always started out slower in speed on pulling my sun rigs.    BE patient and believe in your electronics.  

good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!!


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