Mississippi River walleye and sauger report

Over the last week the bite has really seemed to pick up for my boat.  The spawn is completed and the walleyes and saugers are into the post spawn mode. 

On Friday Matt and Troy joined me in pool 3.  We went strIght to pulling cranks in a couple areas that I try and target after the spawn is done.  We did not get the rods set back longer than 1 minute and Matt had a fish on.  Not huge but a keeper sized sauger.  2 minutes later and Troy dug into one himself.  That makes a great start to a fishing trip.  

Mom not going to tell you it stayed that hot all day, well I guess I can say the weather did by reaching 92 degrees on this day and the fishing was not to bad.   We boated ten keepers in my boat in this date with the biggest being right around 21 inches.  Some of our male walleyes were still doing their thing when we got them into the boat, that's normal for this time of the year and with the water temperature where it stands.  Great time guys and I look forward to another day out ther with you in the future.  

Monday I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Mike, Derek, and Kevin.  It had been a couple years since I seen these gentlemen.  Our bite today was pretty darn good even with the rain and windy conditions.  Each one of these gentlemen caught several walleye and saugers today. After the rain and wind let up we got a chance to pitch jigs and glad we did the bite was on with this technique also.   Not sure who had the hottest hand since they all went on hot streaks at one point or the other, I do know Mike got into the largest fish of the day with this dandy 27 inch walleye.  I love seeing the look on clients faces when they see a walleye that big on their fishing rod.   Great time guys and look forward to our next journey in a few weeks on the river.  

The river is dropping pretty quickly at the moment covering water is the best option with the fish on the move if you find a pod stay on them till they move keep dropping down the river with them to be successful.   The water temperature has come back up to the 58 to 61 degree level which makes pulling cranks a little more successful.   

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!


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