Mississippi River walleye and sauger fishing report

Over the last couple weeks I have been getting some really nice Walleye's and saugers doing several different techniques depending on the weather conditions. 

My clients and I have Dubuque rigged, pitcher jigs and blades and also trolled cranks to put Walleye's and saugers into the boat.  If you wanted numbers and very nice water sized walleye trolling the rig was the technique on the windy days     To catch fish at a quicker pace. 

Some  days we have pitched blades and Dubuque rigged in a couple areas where the current seems set up from the high water to produce fish. These fish have been coming up from lake pepin right on time for their fall run.  The one technique I have done as of late is vertical jogging hair and meat is a pimple areas and it's also working.   Each area has its strong point for  a certain technique.  Be willing to try different things through out your fishing day.  

Stanley and Jim are pictured below with some dandy Walleye's and saugers we got trolling the rig.   Great time guys and glad you picked my guide service for your day on the night Mississippi River.   Oh yeah very nice buck you got Stanley on your trip up here from the big state of Texas.  

Kevin, Kyle and Jason like always it was a great time on the river with you gentlemen and we had some really nice fish on this day too.  Although Kyle started out slow today he did very well towards the end of pour day nice job gentlemen and Kevin I look forward to getting you and your brother out of my deer hunting adventure.  

The river is finally coming back down and has cleaned up very nicely. With those two things being said that means it's easier to find cooperating Walleye's and saugers.  The water temperature is dropping into the upper 40's so things will be changing again soon on techniques.  

Remember the stretch of the river in redwing does not ice up so I will take anyone out on the river throughout the winter months if you can handle the cooler temperature.  Most folks choose to do a half day that time of the year. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!!!

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