Mississippi River walleye and sauger fishing repirt

Over the last week or so the bite had been up and down.  Be willing to change not only places your fishing but also techniques from dub rigging, pitching jigs and pulling three ways with raps. Some of the biggest obstacles this week has been windy conditions and lots of debris floating under the surface.   Can't catch walleyes and saugers if your presentation is full of weeds. 

Last Monday Steve ,Gerry , and Frank joined me for a pretty decent bite  we stuck with the dub rigging in this date  Steve had the hot hand on this trip boating several walleye and saugers and bragging rights til our next outing   These gentlemen have really gitten good afternoon getting that right feeling while dub rigging my training has shown with the old men  hahaha  it was a great time as always gentlemen and look forward to our next outing in the meantime stay healthy and don't throw your golf clubs when the weather gets warmer  

Thursday I had Mr Ryan Denzer from DSG companies, and his two clients Tony Burg and Derek Pierce.  We fished a couple different areas today and caught several walleyes and saugers in each area.  Derek had the hot hand to start the morning boating several keeper sized walleyes and saugers today however at the end of the day Ryan started putting a smack down on some really nice fish.   Great time gentlemen and nice to meet you and look forward to another day on the water in the future.

Saturday was the very high winds and core temperature day for my boat.   Aron and Danny toughened it out with me today. The winds were gusting 45 mph at times with a sustained wind at 25 mph that makes it tough on the boat control good idea for the guys that stayed home in this weekend it was not easy.  

After fishing for a couple hours we found that anchoring and casting three ways with minnows was the best way to put our fish into the boat.  The river muddied up a little and the debri was making it impossible to pull baits and keep them clean.  Adjustments were a must today and that why it is important to have a great working partner like mr Marty Hahn. Most of the time one of us figures out what's best and it makes it easier to make our clients happy  

we have been catching most of our walleyes and saugers in depths from 6 to 18 ft   Water temperature had bounced around from 44-46 in my boat and the clarity had really dropped with the latest rains  

Good luck out the guys and gals!!!!!


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