Mississippi River pools 3 and 4 walleye report

Between all my travels with Helen's softball team I have been out on both pools 3 and 4.  The walleyes have been on a tear so far this summer and without a doubt I can say so far the mayfly hatches have not slowed the walleyes down one bit.   

The techniques I have been doing lately are dragging jigs, pulling bottom bouncers and also trolling crank baits.  One of the ways when dragging is I took and put two small split shots on the line, then I added a spin and glow inline to my hook.   Hook size was a number two.  I like to use colored hooks when doing this.  I used this same rig down on lake Milford in Kansas years ago in a tounement.   Both this rig and also dragging jacks dragging jig worked for me in the stretch of river I was fishing on pool 3.   

I have also been pulling slow death rigs in areas that I mark fish with my Garmin 126 side imaging.   This is one heck of a unit and once you use it and get used to seeing the fish on it you will be more confident in what you are doing.  Not all fish are walleyes that you mark and trial and error will be a must to know if it's the species of choice.  My Rossi have been using are limit creek bait caster. I like to use the medium heavy light fast action.    The seem to run my bottom bouncer rigs the way I need them too.  

When trolling the rig I use the 8'3 spin cast rods. I love these rods due to the play they have with the softer tip when I'm using 8 lb fire line.   If you use to heavy of a rod when doing this you will lose more fish due to no stretch in the line. I know this from when I was a younger fishermen I was doing this.   Remember trial and error.  Learn from your mistakes.  As we are into later summer time now each day you go out the fish can be reacting different than the da6 before.  Cold fronts and even cloud cover can be big factors on how the walleye and sauger want to react to your presentation.  Always be willing to adjust and fish different techniques. 

I would like to thank all the folks that have joined me so far this summer and I always look forward to seeing everyone enjoy thierselves while they are in the boat with me.   The smiles not only on the folks I have every year but also the new folks catching a first walleye of their lifetime make my day.  

Depths I have been getting my walleye have ranged from yes I'm saying this 2 ft to 12 ft.  I know others are catching walleye on lake pepin but I have not even ventured out in those areas yet this summer.  The water temperature in the river system on both pools has been 76 degrees as of late.  The clarity depending on what area your fishing is ranging from 3 ft to 1 ft.   

Good luck guys and gals !!!!! 

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