Mississippi River pool 4 fishing report

The river is at it again changing by the week.  Up and down clean and dirty water will keep a guy on his toes when fishing the mighty Mississippi River.   That’s why it pays off to be able to be out there about everyday to keep up with the changes.  

 My guide trips as of late we have chased both walleyes and pan fish.   Each day when I would get to the river and see what the river is doing would make my decision on the fly.    Do I like this yes in a way but it would also be nice to be able to have a set technique for at least a week.   

Friday I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Dan and his son Kessel.   We did both chase walleyes and crappies on this date. These two gentlemen really seemed to enjoy themselves at doing both techniques and putting several crappies and walleyes in the boat.  It was a great time watching the two of you enjoy yourselves while on my boat today guys and I look forward to next year with you.   

Saturday Kyle brought a couple of his clients out on my boat again and we again chased both species today when the wind would let us.  Dustin and Rich seemed to be enjoying themselves catching several walleyes today and again Kyle gets the biggest fish of the day.   Ya got that magic touch Kyle.   It was fun guys and a little wet out there’s but we managed to put some really nice eater sized walleyes in the boat today.  

Wednesday Max and Josh joined me for our annual fishing event for October.    Well let me say the walleyes did not disappoint us today and the boys even had a battle of big fish between the two that Max waited til the end of the day to beat Josh out for biggest.  A very nice piglet.   What a day gentlemen and I look forward to next October as always.  

Friday morning Steve and Chad joined me and wow Steve was on a tear to start the morning boating the first 6 fish in the boat.  Steve is a very good Walleye angler and fished on the co side of the NWT.   I’m thinking he may want to try the pro side sometime with the feel he has for fishing.    Chad ended up getting heated up after a bit boating several walleyes too we even got to throw back a coupe picture takers again today.  Great time gentlemen and good luck with the duck hunting. 

The river is rising extremely fast right now so you will have to make drastic changes over the next week.   Keep at it and believe in your electronic it’s a must this time of the year.    The water temperature Friday was 49 degrees.  Clarity was still 10 inches.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!!

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