Mississippi River pool 4 fishing report

Over the last week and a half I have had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with several returning and new clients. With the water levels being so high I have concentrated on targeting walleye and sauger on Lake Pepin.  

We have mainly pulled lead line with cranks to catch our fish as of late. The fish seem to hanging out in each area for a couple days then move to another so be willing to search a little and believe in your electronics.   Talk about electronics I’d like to thank Danny Thompson for getting me hooked up with my New Garmin units.  The clarity of these units is unreal and the structure scan looks great.   I can’t wait to really get more information on how to change things with the units like making my own charts.  

Back to the fishing, last Tuesday Rob joined me and we set out to find pods of fish and that we did. We found bait balls and not to far from them we found lots of fish. Patients is the word when you see that many fish in an area concentrate on that area and you will be rewarded.  It was a great time Rob and you now have passed Helen for biggest walleye in the new boat and very respectable 28 1/4 incher.  

Wednesday scott, Kyle and All of 6 11 Ross joined me in the boat.   We fished a couple areas Rob and I fished the day before and after a couple adjustments it was game on.  Kyle was putting a smack down on these fish today.  All three gentlemen had the exact same thing on there poles but Kyle was holding his mouth right today.  Scott and Ross did not catch him but they also caught several fish today.

  After getting the boys limits we decided to head out and try to catch bass.   We threw frogs and rapalas and the boys even had a bet going on which Scott ended up being the winner.  The bet was who ever got the first bass the other two had to take the leap into the water.   It was fun to watch this happen after I found a safe place for them to pay the fiddler.   It was an absolute great day boys and I look forward to our outing in September.  

Saturday I had Dave and His son Dillon.  Dave started the day out strong but Dillon seemed to really do some making up ground in the long stretch. It was fun watching these two gentlemen enjoying their fish day and even getting some bonus crappies today.  I look forward to our next outing gentlemen tell Taco you got him beat today Dave. 

Sunday Chris and Jarred joined me for a half day trip.  Chris informed me he wanted to learn other ways besides vertical jigging for Walleye’s.  We set out trolling and it was not long and the boys started to get into some fish. They managed to both take some fish home to share with their families today.  Chris I’m sure glad you learned something else to do out there and look forward to teaching you more in the future about techniques on the system.  

Today John,his son Lance, and Granpa Wayne joined me.  It started out a little slow and then Wayne got our first fish In the boat.  I then found out that grandpa Wayne had never gotten a walleye or sauger before.  Well he conquered both today getting them both in the boat on the same troll through an area.   Glad you did this in my boat.  As time went by lance and his dad caught fish also,  Lance even got one of them dandy crappies in the boat.  I hope you gentlemen enjoyed your day in my vessel and good luck out there in the future with you boat.  

I have been fishing in water levels that range from 13 to 20 foot as of late.  The water temperature is right around 76 degrees and the level is slowly dropping.  Clarity has been different in every area.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 



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