Let say it was the week for the ten pound club

Let me start off by saying the bite has not been fast and furious but man when my clients can put walleye in the boat with smiles on their faces it lets me know I’m doing my job right.   

Monday morning I had Ron and Bill meet me at Everts resort to start the week out.  It was a little chilly this morning but after a couple hours she warmed up and the ice quit forming on our lines.   We boated some good eater sized fish this morning for the boys to take home for a meal.   Great time gentlemen and see you Ron next month fot our next trip scheduled.  

Monday afternoon the bite picked up for my afternoon trip with Pat and Jim.  Neither gentlemen had ever fish the mighty Mississippi River before and wanted to give it a whirl. These two gentlemen were not disappointed we boated several walleye and sauger  and they even got to take a few home for a meal to share with there families.  Great time guys and look forward to another day on the river with you. 

Tuesday morning Mark and his big brother joined me and what a day Mark had.  Now with the being said this is what I tell gentlemen all the time  patients is your best friend walleye fishing.  We were fishing an area the bite started out with mark boating a 24 incher on my first pass and then it was a couple passes and mark mentioned about trying another spot .  Well I informed him have a little patients and that we did about 20 minutes later Mark boated his biggest two Walleye’s of his life within 3 minutes of each other.  The first one was 29 inches and the second was 28 inches,  wow what a couple dandies.  They weighed 10.7 and 9.6 lbs   What a couple beauties. Congratulations Mark on being in the ten pound club.

Wednesday morning John , Dan and Tom joined me at Everts resort .  We boated to our first area and after a little searching we stared to find some walleye and sauger that wanted to cooperate. Dan, Tom and  John boated several fish today including northern pike.   Keep in mind it’s not only walleye that spawn this time of the year the northern pike are on a tear right now.  They will run your walleye right out of an area you want to fish.  Well after a couple hours Tom says I got one and I look up at his limit creek 5’10 fishing rod just bowed over with head shakes and I knew it was game on.   Tom fought this beast for a couple minutes before she surfaced and Bam here was an 11 lb 7 ounce beast in the net.   A fish of a lifetime for Tom today and we boated several others today that were released to spawn.   It was a great time gentlemen and I look forward to another day out with you on the river.  

Thursday morning Ivan and his good buddy Dave joined me.  Well can I say it again another man joined the ten pound club this morning.   Ivan so relaxed in the boat says he I got one over here and again I look over to another limit creek rod just bowed over with head shakes.  I told Ivan rake your time I seen this happen twice this week already and you have a beast on the end of your line.    After fighting her for several minutes she finally came up and after netting it and several high fives later Ivan had his ten pound walleye in the boat.   What a great day with some fun stories and laughs gentlemen looking forward to our next outing.   

Friday the weather was terrible with rain sleet and snow.  And let’s add In the very windy conditions. Well that did not stop the guys from DSG of lacrosse for getting out on the river.   With the windy conditions we could only fish a couple places today and have boat control.  Makes things a little tougher on getting fish into the boat but again patients will pay off.  In the Afternoon Karl jumped into my boat and he got himself his biggest walleye he’s aver gotten to date a very nice spawned out 27 incher.   Wish I could of seen this fish a couple days earlier with the eggs she had in her.  It was a great time as always Karl and congrats on your personal best walleye. 

The river has cleaned up a bit I could see about a foot yesterday.  Probably not gonna stay that way with the rain and snow we got Friday    The water temperature is very cold for this t8me if the year I had 39 degrees yesterday in most places.  And the river has dropped a bit as of late but the forecast shows it coming right back up next week .

Congrats to all my clients that have joined  the ten pound club this week. What a week ll

good luck out there guys and gals !!!!





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