Ice report from last couple weeks

Over the last couple weeks I've been all over the place on the ice from pool 3 all the way down to pool 8.   The bite each day has been different with all these fronts moving through.  Picking what to chase has been the challenge for me but going with friends and family is always a blast.  

The best part of fishing with a big group is everyone can try different techniques and also types of lures to use to find out what the fish want to eat each day.   We have fished in water depths from 3-24 ft depending on what species we have chased each time.   We have gotten crappies, blue Gil's, perch (my fav on ice), and even a couple walleyes.  

The different types of bait I have used so far have been small tungsten jigs, little Cecil's,Swedish pimples, slender spoons and just a bare hook and minnow at times.   Each prestation has shined at times but overall with the fronts we have had to work hard to put fish into the bucket.   I don't get to do much pan fish guiding until august most years so it's a great break from the chasing walleyes through the ice.   

I would like to say thank you to everyone I've fished with the last couple weeks. Paige, Dillon, Ryan , Robert, Denzer, Jevin, Kendra,  Cary, Aiden, Micheal and Nick Carrol , Postman, Smalls,Meredith Evans and Mike Cahill.   Every time I fish with y'all it's a blast and memories I hope I never forget.   Oh yeah and Nick is down $8 to me on first fish on the ice for the winter.  Hopefully we can get out again as a group soon.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!! 


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