Ice fishing and a day out on the boat

Over the last week I have been lucky enough to get out on the ice and also take my boat out for a little late afternoon bite for some walleyes.   

Saturday night Helen and Dillon joined me out of Everts resort for some afternoon walleye fishing in my boat. It did not take long and Dillon stuck a very nice 19 inch walleye.  I love it when we get into a bite right away. After searching around for a bit after catching that walleye we found an area away from the crowd of boats and boated several walleye.  Our biggest on the night was about 21 inches.   What a fun time y’all look forward to another day in the boat with you .

Tuesday morning I headed out to target perch again.   I’m noticing that the cold fronts seem to really effect how aggressive they are.   Although we got into some nice ones it was definitely slower than last Friday before the cold fronts came rumbling in. The waters ive been fishing are still around 4-6 foot deep for my perch.  Best bait of choice for them has been minnows.  

Friday I got on the ice to chase crappies.  I had the pleasure of fishing with Meredith, Larry, Jeff and another Larry.   It was an absolute blast gentlemen on this date catching crappies.   I personally could not have had a runner time ice fishing not only catching what seemed like 50 fish myself but also watching you guys catch so many fish. Always help to have friends that enjoy ice fishing as much as I have this winter and sharing information on where and when the bite is best. Thanks for the tip Meredith.   

Saturday I got my youngest daughter Helen out with Brad and Dillon.   After a little moving around searching for a school of crappies it was game on. My game plan today was to watch my daughter have fun today so I did not use a jig pole this morning I only ran my tip downs.   My reasoning was so I could handle all Helen fish so her hands would not get cold.   Well that was a great decision because this young lady put a smack down on them crappies today.   I believe between her Brad and Dillon there was probably over 150 crappies caught by them.  Brad had the least since he did not return in the afternoon but he did get a couple dandies before lunch.  

Speaking of the afternoon Helen talked her mom into coming with us.  Well it was her first time ever ice fishing and after Dillon and Helen were training her she got her first ever crappie ice fishing.   She did not last long out there in her jeans so we finished out the day with mom in the truck.   That’s one check mark off the bucket list.   

Pictured below are some of our catch from this week.  What a great time.  

Folks im getting booked up for the spring run for the walleye and sauger run so ya might want to get ahold of me soon for the days I have left open.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!

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