Here’s how the rest of this week has gone

Wednesday afternoon Mike and Greg met me at Everts resort to do a little late afternoon and early evening walleye fishing.   The bite was a tad bit tough the first part of our trip today,  but man did the Walleye’s turn on when that big light switch in the sky went off.  

Mike again had the hot hand on this trip he boated many Walleye’s today included in the Picts below are a couple dandies.   We had several eaters to boot today.   I just love it when those big fish smash a ringworm when long lining them upstream.   What a great time again gentlemen and like always see you on our next adventure later this spring. 

Thursday afternoon I joined Two of my buddies on pool 2 for some searching for a day bite for the Walleye’s. Well I am glad I keep a journal on this because it was spot on where the Walleye’s should be sitting.   Brian and Rick it was a blast out on the river with you again and I’m glad I had the pleasure of watching you two hard working gentlemen enjoying yourselves.  We will get out again soon for those giant Walleye’s. 

Friday morning Mark and his dad Dave met up with me on pool 2.  We caught several species today which consisted of white bass, walleye,sauger, Buffalo carp, and sucker.  And wow those big buffalo carp can give you a battle even in the cold water conditions.   

Dave ,Mark and I boated several Walleye’s and sauger today numbers wise it’s got the lead on the season which should be expected on a pool that’s catch and release on Walleye’s and sauger.  It was an a great time gentlemen and I will see you on the water here in the near future.

Over the week most of my walleye have come on plastics.  I have been both vertical and long lining to catch my fish.  Each day color has changed at times during the day.  Water depths have ranged from 10-19 feet deep.  The water clarity on pool 4 is seven feet and pool 2 is 5 feet.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!! 

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