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With the weather conditions changing from day to day it has pretty much kept the water temperatures fluctuating between 44 and 46 degrees.  In essence changing what they walleyes and saugers want to eat each day.  

This spring so far has been quite the difference in how aggressive the bite had been with those changes.  And to throw a wrench into the whole spawing thing the rollers have been open for about three weeks during the fish movement. Now I'm not saying all the fish swim upstream as far as they can go but a majority in my opinion have swam through to pool 3 for their spawning areas.  That's what makes the Mississippi River so interesting to fish.  Trying to learn their pattern each year is a lot of work. 

Tuesday Brett king, Marty Hahn and I took out our annual Prenge group for the spring run even with the rain /snow and windy conditions today the guys in each boat put several walleyes and saugers in the boat.   Although not a fast bite and several short strikes it was enough to keep us busy.  Persistence was a must today.  Great time guys and I look forward to taking you gentlemen out again next spring. 

Thursday morning I had Tom and Charlie from Davenport Iowa in the boat and we set out this morning searching several areas finding fish in each one,  we were trying to figure several areas to fish with the forecast for the next day being 30 mph winds from the northwest forecasted.  We had even found a pretty good white bass spot to boot. Like always guys I really enjoyed the time on the boat with you and as always thank you for bringing my favorite pizza from the quad cities. 

Friday, Brian and his father Bill joined me out of Everets resort at 7 am.  Bite was a little tough at times today but we managed to boat a two man limit for these gentlemen today.  We had several bites today that pulled out ring worms back on our hooks, just not getting the hook into there mouths.  This is a normal condition to deal with during and after a cold front.  Great time guys and will keep you updated this fall on the bite for another outing. 

Pictured below are some of our catch over the last week.  Everyone will be changing techniques real soon with the spawn going into full swing this week.  

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!

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