Got the boat out with the warmer weather and ice fished in the same week

Over the last week and a half the weather has been bouncing around from highs in the lower 40’s to highs in the single digits.   With that being said I took advantage of both ice fishing and also open water at Redwing Minnesota. 

Last week Dillon joined Marty and I to go out and catch some walleye, Northern pike and crappies for Marty to take to the kids clinic in New Prague.  It was fun chasing all the different species both on ice and at times we did a lot of walking to find them big crappies.  Great excersize.   

Valentine’s Day I had the pleasure of sharing my vessel with Meredith and Larry.  We tried a couple different techniques today to get out walleye and sauger.   Always fun taking these two gentlemen out on the water and even better to see them catch fish with the smiles on their faces.   Great time guys see you next time we get out. 

Cold front Thursday and that did not stop me from doing some fishing.   However it was back on the ice.  Caught several crappies, small Gil’s and perch on this date.  The ice bite seemed a little slow after the cold front rolled in.  What are these fish thinking I’m pretty sure they got to be hungry. 

Friday ice fishing again and again I had plenty of lookers on my flasher but only a few smaller sauger and walleye wanted to cooperate for me this day.  It’can be frustrating at times when you see all them fish and they won’t take you bait. 

Sunday afternoon Mike and his good buddy Greg met me at Evert Resort for a late afternoon early evening trip.  I could not of asked for a better couple gentlemen and boy these fish were ready to eat this afternoon.  Mike and Greg you two really put a hurting on the walleye and sauger today.  It was an absolute blast watching you two gentlemen having so much fun on the open water.  And thank you for choosing my guide service.  See you guys in a couple weeks.  

Ice fishing I have been in water depths ranging from 3-21 foot depending on what species I’m chasing. Small jigs ,jignraps and just hook and minnow have worked for me as of late.  

Open water I have been using both plastics and minnows.   Plastics of chose have been paddle tails and ringworms plan on trying everything each day the fish have bitten on something different and colors too.  

Great week and with the warmer temperatures coming in the ten day I can see me getting out for the open water quite a bit feel free to call and set up a date to get out. 

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!

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