From Deer hunting to the boat to ice fishing

I have spent lots of time in the woods this month so the fishing reports have been minimal.   I have had a great time spending this time in the woods with both my daughters Renee and Helen.     Renee harvested a nice doe on the first afternoon with her sister a Helen sitting with her. After that she wanted to sit with me.  She got to watch me shoot a very nice 10 pointer on the second to last afternoon.  

Helenhad manychances atdeer this season but she decided this season she wanted to wait it out for a bigger buck.  Well we see several during our time in the woods and in the blind.   In one weekend Helen had passed up on 65 deer trying to wait it out.   We did see a couple big boys but they just never got into range. Great time spent with my girls. 

Now to the fishing reports, I got out a couple days last week and the fish were biting but nothing fast and furious on the days I went.  It seemed the like the vertical bite with plastics better than anything for Rick and I.   We mainly used hutches sauger slayers with 5/16 ounce jigs on the Limit creek 5’10”  fishing rods.  When they hit this bait it feast like a freight train on these very light rods. What a fun day Rick I look forward to our next outing. 

Now to the ice fishing after searching a few areas we found one with safe ice to go out on. We had about 5 inches of ice in this area and bonus the crappies and sunfish were on a tear.  Certain times of the day were better for us, sometimes you could not keep up with two rods. That makes it exciting.  Rick, Helen and Robert Barnes  thank you for joining me in the ice last week and I look forward as always to taking you all out again.  

The flow on the river is still high for this time of the year. The reactors are both online but with the flow it’s hard to warm the water up on pool 4. As it slows down the water temp will rise and make the bite be better in the near future. Water clarity is about 3 feet right now.  Some fishermen know what that means to the nite bite. 

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!! 

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