Fishing and hunting report

Over the last week and a half I have had the pleasure of not only fishing with some great guys but. Also enjoy seeing my youngest daughter finally get her first deer.  

Last week before thanksgiving we fished out of pool 4 and wow the bite was absolutely awesome out there.  Biggest thing I can tell everyone is don't get caught up doing one technique. When the bite slowed I would change up my technique and put fish in the boat doing other techniques like pulling three ways with raps , vertical jigging and miller rigs.   

The following gentlemen joined me over the last week.  Mike on Monday was a blast to fish with and am glad I could teach you a little something about what I look for on the river to target my walleye'. 

Steve and Jon it was a little slower bite today but anytime you can take a lot It of fish home in a half day is not so bad of a short fishing trip I tell my clients.  Great time and great stories guys.

And before I get to the hunting trip yesterday I had Jerry,Jay and Jake in the boat.  We mainly stick to vertical jigging today and put several saugers into the boat.  Glad I could get you guys out on short notice and send you home with a meal.    Great time guys.   

Now to my hunting trip with Helen.  We headed down to Jamie's house on Wednesday night and then hunted in the morning, we did not see any deer this morning ing but did see a fox and a coyote running across the hail bails.   That's what Helen thought was really cool. 

After having some thanksgiving lunch at my aunt Jackie and Devoine's house we headed down to my buddy Robert Lampman house and he put us up in a stand he said was a 99 percent guarantee Helen would be able to get a deer.  To no disappointment that afternoon Helen had a shot at one bit after searching for a while we lost the blood trail.  So Rob suggested we head down to his house where Colleen had made us a very very good thanksgiving meal.   After over filling ourselves Helen and I headed up to the farm to sleep until the next mornings hunt.  

I woke up at 4 am and knowing she did not sleep well overnight honking of her deer she hit got away I let her sleep til the last minute.  It was really hard getting her out of bed but once she get the motor running she was ready to head out into the blind Rob had set up for us.    We were sitting there enjoying the great sunrise and I noticed the wind was really picking up.  I texted Rob at this point to ask him his thoughts on the situation and he says just sit tight them bucks are gonna move across the area.  

Well Rob was dead on it was not more than 10 minutes and a buck stepped on to the field and was on the move.   I told Helen get herself ready and she positioned herself out a window direction he was headed towards.  At this point his pace picked up and I gave a loud bleep and stopped him in his tracks he glanced pir way and right at that point I told Helen now or never and Bang she let off a shell from  243 he let her borrow.  We watched him charge down the field to the wood line and then he disappeared.  

I contacted Rob as he was taking his brother home and told him she hit one really good so he says hang tight til he gets back so we can track him down.   As Helen and are we're sitting there she asked me "dad how do you know I hit him good?"   I told her that's is experience and he reacted exactly the way I wanted him to after you shot him.  Always remember what you seen afterwards and you will learn this is why you want to see.  

After about an hour Rob showed up so we climbed out of the ground blind and went straight to where Helen hit the Deer.  She found blood and hair right away and then she followed it down to the tree line and we look up and there he was Helen's first ever deer.   Rob got to see what I seen with my daughter and that was the smile on her face that she had finally gotten what she worked so hard for.   You can tell by the smile on her face in the pictures. 

Rob I can't thank you enough for giving us the experience of this hint on your farm   I know Helen will always remember this for the rest fo her life and she rally appreciates both you and Colleen's hospitality while we were down there. 

I would also like to thank Fritz and Ben for letting my family hunt on you gentlemans land during the first season gun hunt   Renee has not gotten a deer 5 straight years between the two lands of yours. Thank you so much.  Enjoy the deer and fish.

Pictures below are mike  Helens buck and a buck Rob found after we had left on his land that had been dead a couple days   Hate to see the meat get wasted.  And the sunrise picture Helen took the morning she got her first deer ever. 

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!!



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