Ever changing river stage!!!

Over the last week the river had really started to rise quickly.  So with that being said we have had to change techniques to catch our walleyes. 

Last  Monday Mike and Cotey joined me up in pool 2 for some catch, picture, and release walleye fishing. Yup if you did not know that pool is restricted to catch and release of all walleye and saugers.  That makes it a fun place to go and catch plenty of walleye and saugers at times.  We mainly long lined heavy jigs with plastics to catch our walleyes and saugers on this date.  It was a fun day gentlemen look forward to another day on the river with you. 

Pool 4 on Tuesday was a little slow for Marty , Rick and I for keepers but there were ample baby walleye and saugers nipping at are baits today.  Fun time gentlemen. 

Wednesday was another good day on pool 2 with a few bonus piglets to boot.  These fish seemed to be a little more active today seen several caught by other fishermen     

Thursday back to pool 4 and finally found some fish starting to show up in some of my favorite spots to fish away from the crowds. Vertical jigging was the trick on this date.  Not fast and furious just a decent enough bite to keep you interested and waiting for the next bite.  

Today I had a trip with Christian who is from Europe.  He set out to get his first walleye.  He had chased Zander over seas and had had very good success.   The pictures he had of the Zander he had caught is amazing in how much they look like our walleyes over here. Here's the bonus for Christian today he also got his first sauger and small mouth bass of his life and now has caught 70 different species of fish which is quite the task.  it was a great time on the water with you today Christian and good luck on those rock fish out west    

The river is rising quickly so you must adjust to current seems they are starting to set um nicely. The water temperature seems to be 44 degrees in most places I fish for my walleyes and saugers. But with the cooler temperatures on the way it will slow down. Just hope the rains dont dirty us up to bad.  

Good luck out there guys and gals!!!!!

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