Eclipse, rising dirty water and walleye fishing

The last few trips have been pretty exciting with all the changes that are happening both on the river and in the sky.    I bring up the sky because what happens with the moon does effect what our fish do on the system.   And let's not leave out we are starting to see less of the sun each day.   The Walleye's are starting to look a little more healthy with the feed bags starting to go into full effect with all the shad in the system. 

I woild like to thank Erik Olsen for getting me set up to do the Pepsi Co. fish outing.  What a great time we had each day with the different clients I had in the boat each day. 

Day 1.    I had Nick and Jake in the boat    We boated several walleye sheephead and a couple bass today for the competition.  We took the rough fish division today and won fishing rod and reels.  Great time guys and glad we got paired up today.  

Day 2.    I had the pleasure of sharing my boat with Mark and Dick.  We started out in a spot that we ended the day before.  After a few changes to our presentation we caught several of our species form this spot using night crawlers and leeches.   Lunch time rolled around and when we finished eating we set out to go for bigger fish.   Dick caught the giant of the day a 44 lb flat head catfish.   What an amazing fisght he had at the end of the 8'3  limit creek fishing rod.  At one point mark said the net was not big enough for a fish that size.  I just chuckled knowing it's had a few pounders in it in the past.   What a great day gentlemen and sure am glad you learned several things about the river system and what it can produce.  

Next I had Charlie and his wife Judy.  These two decided to take a guided fishing trip with me for their anniversary.  Sure am glad we could put some Walleye's in the boat for them today to take home for a good meal.   Congrats on another year married and I look forward to another day out on the river.   

I have been mainly concentrating on water depths from 3-12 foot for my Walleye's of late.  Seems most have been on the shallower side.  Techniques have been pitching jigs, trolling and dragging jigs.   All techniques highschool there high spot this week switching was the key thing to do when one went down hill.  

River stage today was at 6.4.  And my water temp has been running right around 69 degrees.  Clarity has been the biggest downfall as of late but as the week went it has started to improve.     

Good luck out there guys and gals !!!!!!

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